SouthState Becomes Second Family for Small Business Banker

SouthState Banker Krystle Mall
Family became especially important to SouthState’s Krystle Mall during the previous decade. When her biological family went through difficult times, her SouthState family stepped up to provide wraparound support.

“SouthState takes care of us and encourages us to take care of each other,” she says.

Mall, a small business banker in Gastonia, N.C., describes the work atmosphere as “safe, supportive and respectful,” just as a family unit should be. She remains grateful for the opportunity to continue working for SouthState even when she had to move from Myrtle Beach to Charlotte when her father was diagnosed with cancer.
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Her team was by her side during the medical crisis, supporting her with words of encouragement and managing duties if she had to step away.

Mall also applauds SouthState’s Sunshine Fund, an employee and company supported financial assistance fund available to team members in crisis. She contributes purposefully, knowing she is helping members of her work family.

Mall identifies with the SouthState core value of Meaningful and Lasting Relationships. In addition to cherishing the bonds built with fellow bankers, she also seeks out ways to take relationship banking to a new level with her customers.

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