Trident Waste Brings Safety, Cleanliness to Greater Charleston

Trident Waste Business Owner Greater Charleston

Have you ever seen a child run to the front window, excited to watch big green garbage truck roll down the street?

With employees dedicated to safety and courtesy, Trident Waste and Recycling brings this level of joy to its customers in Charleston, S.C.

The family-run business, although only a little over a year old, is run with the expertise and efficiency of five decades. Scott Fennell, founder and president, started Trident Waste after previously owning two waste management companies with his father, George. The senior Fennell started in the waste business in 1973 in Walterboro, later expanding into Charleston under the name Fennell Container Company.

“I grew up within the business as a result and found that I had a true passion for the waste business,” Scott recalls.

Taking from his experience on the job as a young adult, Fennell made safety a top priority for his team of 33 employees. They undergo additional training, implement extensive safety checks each morning before the trucks roll out, and have outfitted each rig with additional safety lighting to ensure workers are visible to drivers. “There are several publicly-traded waste firms in the local market that cannot match our level of customer service and our knowledge of the area,” Fennell adds.

As a result of maintaining high standards, Trident Waste received a contract from the City of Charleston to provide waste collection services for more than 15,000 homes. The company also collects for a number of businesses in the area, receiving rave reviews from business owners about friendly staff and affordable pricing. Much like the area it serves, Trident Waste has grown rapidly in the past year, going from one truck in October 2020 to a fleet of 24 by the end of the year. Fennell says it’s been challenging at times to obtain vehicles and equipment, as well as hire experienced drivers with a CDL license.

SouthState was able to assist Trident Waste with financing for their additional fleet and equipment, as well as service their deposit accounts. Commercial Banker Fred Drulard has worked with the family for many years, building a great relationship that’s supported Fennell in starting and growing Trident Waste.

“The team we have at Trident Waste is second to none and I know that’s why we have grown so rapidly. I would be remiss not to include SouthState as being part of the team,” Fennell says.

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