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You’re scrolling through real estate listings envisioning the perfect home. Blue shutters, a wrap-around porch, a lush yard - but wait, how much is it? If you haven’t been pre-qualified yet, you might be wondering what a realistic budget is for your house hunting journey. Use our calculator to gain insight into what your ideal home buying budget should be.

With a purchase as large as a home, there are many considerations when determining if you can afford a house payment. You’ll need to consider your monthly income, any debt you owe, annual property taxes and insurance, the life of the loan, available down payment, and interest rate. If you’re unsure about insurance or property tax costs, you can get a quick quote from your insurance agent.

Each of these elements influences your monthly payment, so estimate them as best you can. It’s wise to overestimate your costs and underestimate your income. Should you find more financial flexibility than expected, you can fine-tune your budget or save the surplus for the future. Your dream home might be within reach - let us help you navigate the path to owning it. Find a local mortgage banker today.

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