5 Easy Ways to Check Your Balance

5 Easy Ways to Check Your SouthState Bank Account Balance

Your mobile devices can do just about anything from tell you the weather to let you check on your dogs when you’re away from home. You can also use them to check your bank balance, which can be helpful if you’re waiting on a deposit or need to make a purchase.
SouthState has five easy ways to keep an eye on your bank account. Remember, however, that the balance you see might not reflect pending transactions or deposits that haven’t yet cleared.

1. Text Banking

Customers enrolled in text banking can send a short message to get their account balance sent right to their phone. Text the short code BAL to 89870, and you’ll receive a message back with your current bank account balance.

You can turn on the text banking feature in your mobile app under “Preferences.” Then, click on the account you want to monitor under “Account Preferences,” and click SMS/Text to allow messages for that account.

2. Balance Inquiry at SouthState ATM

SouthState ATMs also allow you to check your balance securely.

This feature is available without having to withdraw cash. Simply look for the “Balance Inquiry” button on the screen.

You can choose to view the balance on the screen, print a balance inquiry ticket, or have your balance sent to you via text or email. Find an ATM near you by visiting our Locations page.

3. Quick Balance

You may already use the SouthState mobile app, but did you know you can check your bank balance without having to log in to your account?

First, enable the Quick Balance feature in your mobile app under Preferences. Then you’ll be able to view your account balance on the opening screen of the mobile app by clicking on “Your Accounts.”

For Apple users, a built-in feature to the Apple Watch offers another quick way to see where your accounts stand. Your Apple Watch must first be paired with a mobile device with the mobile app downloaded. You can then view account balances and even recent transactions by swiping left or right for balances and up and down for transactions.

4. Phone Banking

For those who don’t have their online banking information readily available, phone banking is a good alternative.

You can reach the phone banking automated system by calling (800) 763-0555. You will need your account number and PIN. Services available through phone banking include balance inquiry, transferring money and transaction history.

5. Create your own alert

Another way to stay on top of your account balance is to set up regular alerts in your mobile app.

In addition to security alerts, you can set up a Current Balance account alert. This will send your balance as often as daily, weekly or monthly in the method you choose, such as email or text message.

Set up your Current Balance alert under “Manage Alerts” in the mobile banking app.

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