A Jewel-Toned Legacy: How a South Carolina Grandmother Inspired a Booming Business

Stephanie Hall the owner of Estelle Colored Glass.
Growing up, many of us remember a family home with a large china cabinet. Perhaps in your grandmother’s eat-in kitchen or your mother’s formal dining room. These large pieces of furniture held decades-old Christmas table settings and scrolled wedding china behind elaborately carved doors and frosted panes.

Those lucky ones who own Estelle Colored Glass, however, know these beautiful pops of color deserve fabulous displays to highlight, not hide, their unique beauty.

Honoring her beloved grandmother, Stephanie Hall brings a modern spin on glassware with bold hues for every occasion. Since launching Estelle Colored Glass in 2019 in her native Charleston, South Carolina, Hall has proven that her take on stemware was missing from the market.

Hall developed her eye for lasting style at the side of her grandmother Estelle. The close-knit duo would hunt for hours in antique shops, sifting through vinyl records and jewelry. Hall watched her grandmother claim treasure after treasure, including colored glass.

During countless Sunday dinners, Estelle’s colored cake stands took center stage along with her delectable desserts made from scratch. Estelle took pride in setting a beautiful table to show her guests how much she valued them.
Armed with the memories of their time together, Hall set out to turn the legacy of Estelle’s desserts and glass collection into a business helping others build their own vivid assortment. She took strength from their bond, launching Estelle Colored Glass and entering the kitchenware marketplace. Along the way, she formed a relationship with a 100-year-old glass-making company in Poland to commission the vision for her designs.

“I wanted to be in control of my family-and-career balance completely, plus I have a passion for business,” Hall says.

Many start a business to make ideas heard or create something to call their own. For women, the hill is often harder to climb.

“Limited access to financial capital and social capital were two of my greatest obstacles starting out,” Hall says.

Despite the odds, Hall was correct in saying she has a head for business. The pages of Martha Stewart Living, Charleston Weddings and Bon Appetit featured Estelle Colored Glass as must-have, and Hall describes being the subject of a New York Times profile as a “surreal experience.” Heavy wooden china cabinets may not be en vogue, but the idea of elevating a meal with stunning stemware will never go out of style.

With such positive word of mouth, Estelle Colored Glass saw tremendous growth. Hall leaned on her SouthState banker, Commercial Relationship Manager Jennifer Murray, to develop the right financial foundation to support those opportunities.

“SouthState has been an important part of my growth, from initially extending me a home line of credit to offering a modest business line of credit that we later were able to expand,” Hall says. “They also worked with me to obtain an SBA loan.”

“Stephanie and I have known each other for a number of years, so it’s been wonderful to see her launch Estelle and watch this successful business continue to grow. She has such a great story to tell, and it’s been my pleasure to be her financial partner along the way,” Murray adds.
Estelle Colored Glass keeps Hall busy, but her brand extends beyond the table. As founder of Ruth’s House Event Rentals and co-founder of Wedding Flowers for Rent, she can make any celebration a memorable one, from blooms to chairs to the final toast.

A working mother, she’s worked hard to build a legacy just as Estelle did. “As a female business owner, I am proud that I am creating a sustainable workplace that incorporates components that I strongly believe in, such as a 4-day work week,” Hall explains. Estelle Colored Glass offers designs in all shades of the rainbow, but Hall admits she does have a favorite – lavender. “I love this color in our champagne coupes. The color is so unexpected,” she says. “I believe you would always remember the special person in your life who gifted you lavender coupes.”

Hall envisions her collections being passed down from generation to generation as families make special memories around the tables.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sift through tables at an antique store to unearth these gems. Find a local retailer or shop online and build your own Estelle Colored Glass collection with just a few clicks.

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