Creating an Invoice in Converge

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Creating an invoice within Converge is quick and easy.

In this video tutorial, we will walk you through how to facilitate a seamless online payment experience for clients with Converge billing and invoicing. Converge allows you to accept a multitude of payment options, including all major credit cards and digital wallets such as Apple Pay®2 and Google Pay™2. To learn more, contact a SouthState Merchant Services representative today.

To create an invoice, go to Invoices and Quotes and click New invoice. Under Details, you can search for the products, if you've already added them to your product catalog. If an item isn't already in the products catalog, you can add it by clicking Add new product and entering the information. Enter an invoice number if you don't want one generated for you. Update any unit price, quantity, discount, and tax information if necessary. You can enter discounts and taxes as a percentage or a dollar amount. Converge automatically updates the total. Under Bill to, you can search for the customer information, if you've already added the customer to your customers list. If this is a new customer, you can enter their information.
If you're shipping an item, turn the Ship to toggle on, and complete the shipping address information. Under payment options and custom fields, you can add information for your records that is not included on the invoice the customer sees. Add or update the invoice terms, if necessary. To see what the invoice looks like, click Preview.
Click Done to return to the new invoice. Once the invoice information is complete, click Send invoice. Converge sends an email of the invoice with a PDF copy attached to your customer. The customer clicks the Pay invoice button to go to the authentication page. The customer must enter the appropriate information to go to the invoice.
After reviewing the invoice and billing information, the customer can pay by clicking pay and entering their credit card information. After submitting the credit card information, the customer must click OK to confirm payment of the invoice. When the payment is accepted, Converge displays a confirmation page to your customer. As soon as the payment is made, Converge changes the last update status on the Invoices and Quotes page to paid. Converge also displays the payment in your open batch on the payments page. You can click on the transaction to view or print the details. If the payment hasn't been settled yet, you can void, pend, or delete the transaction. If the payment has been settled, you can refund the transaction. You can also view and print the receipt for your records.

  1. Apple Pay and Touch ID are registered trademarks.
  2. Google Pay is a trademark of Google Inc.

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