How to Accept a Payment from Your Computer with Converge

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Converge is a superior payments platform that enables businesses just like yours to accept payments in a variety of ways.

In this video, we will walk through how to accept payments quickly and efficiently in the Converge virtual merchant terminal. To get started, contact a SouthState Merchant Services representative today.
Converge is a powerful payments platform that enables businesses, like yours, to accept payments in a variety of ways. To accept a payment in the Converge virtual terminal, go to the payments page if necessary. Click New Payment.
The New Payment page allows you to enter the typical information you need to accept a payment. At a minimum, complete the required fields marked with a red asterisk to run the transaction. If you want additional information saved in the transaction details, enter that as well.
Under Amount Section you can search for product you've already added to your product catalog to ring up the sale or you can manually enter the subtotal. For the sales tax, you can enter the amount or percentage. If the customer is tax exempt, leave it blank.
Select the payment type the customer is using. For the transaction type, select sale. If necessary, select Enter On Keyboard. Click Start Transaction to display the additional entry fields for the payment type you selected.
Under Order Section, you can search for customers you've already added to your customers list to automatically enter their payment details and address information or you can manually enter the customer's payment details and address information. Once you finish entering the information, click Pay.
Converge processes the transaction and displays a confirmation message. Click Complete. The payment displays in the transactions list on the Payments page. And the total of your current batch changes to reflect the sale. Payments are settled according to the batch settings in your account. Once settled, the available funds are deposited to your business bank account, depending on your bank's policy.

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