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Never miss a sale again. As your business grows, the demand and expectation for more payment options will grow as well.

With Converge, you can accept a full range of payment types, from debit and credit cards to electronic checks, digital wallets, gift cards and recurring payments. The Converge “Buy Button” component makes it easy to add payment functionality to your existing website. To learn more, contact a SouthState Merchant Services representative today.
Converge allows you to create a button or link for websites, emails, and social media posts, that takes your customers directly to a checkout page. Go to Settings and click Buy Button, click CREATE. Use the section on the left to customize the button or link. A preview of your changes displays on the right.
Under Pricing, select if you want to set a fixed price or if you want to allow your customers to enter their own price, which is a great option for fundraising or collecting donations. For the fixed price, enter the amount to charge your customers and any tax and shipping costs, if applicable. For the buyer input, you can enter a suggested amount that displays below the amount field on your hosted payment page.
Under Settings, select the API user you want to associate with the button. This allows Converge to determine which website can process payments for the button. If there is no API user listed, contact Support to have one created.
Select the channel option where you plan to use the button or link on a website or in an email. Select the transaction type you want to use. You can set the button or link to never expire, expire after one payment, or expire at a specific date and time. Select if you want the button to direct your hosted payment page or a digital wallet provider, which links customers directly to a digital wallet payment page, such as PayPal or Apple Pay. Under Design, select if you want a button or hyperlink. Buttons are great for websites and emails, because you can customize them to draw attention. Links are great to add to a line of text and in cases where the website or social media post doesn't allow for buttons.
For both the button and hyperlink, you can change the text to whatever you want your customers to see as well as the font and color of the text. For the button type, you can change additional items to customize the look. Enter the hex color codes for your brand, or any color, to change the background color and border color of the button. If needed, Google is a great resource for locating hex color codes. You can also turn the button shadow on or off and use the border radius to change how rounded the corners of the button are.
When you're finished, click GENERATE BUTTON. Converge saves the button or link, and the HTML code for it displays on the right. If you make any changes after you click Generate Button, you'll need to click that button again to generate the updated button or link. Click COPY TO CLIPBOARD to copy the code. And then paste it into the HTML editor on your website, email, or social media post.
You now have a buy button or link that takes your customers directly to a checkout page. If you want to customize the checkout page or have any questions about implementing the button or link in an email or social media post, please contact Support.
Converge displays all of your saved Buy Buttons and links in the list on the Buy Button page. You can delete buttons at any time by selecting the appropriate checkboxes and clicking DELETE. To view the button details, click the appropriate item in the list. You can also delete the button from here. There's no way to edit a button once it's saved, but you can create as many as you want to meet your needs.

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