6 Ways to Use Debit Card Controls

SouthState client using debit card controls.
One-click purchasing. Priority shipping. Mobile order pickup window. We’re used to on-demand services more than ever before. Now, managing your debit card is right at your fingertips, too.

SouthState recently introduced brand-new debit card controls, giving customers more access to the features they need. Below are a few scenarios when card locks and other functions can help you manage your card.

Misplaced Debit Card

We’ve all done it. You run into a store, only grabbing your car keys and debit card. When you return to the car, daily interruptions like traffic or noisy children may distract you from putting your card back in your wallet immediately.

Even the most careful person can misplace their debit card. While you search, turn your card off with a few clicks through the SouthState Mobile App or Online Banking. Find your card later that day in the bottom of your handbag or car floorboard? Simply turn the card back on using the same steps.

Lost or Stolen Card

Searching for a lost debit card can be stressful, but we've made deactivating the card easy with card controls.

Perhaps your child admits to losing the card they borrowed, or you realize a debit card is missing from your wallet. Simply pull up your mobile app or log into online banking to turn the card off.

If a scammer has stolen your physical card, you can turn the card off to prevent any charges and send a secure message about the fraud. SouthState also offers account alerts to notify you about unauthorized transactions.

After turning the card off, you will need to contact Customer Care to report your card lost and order a replacement.

Traveling to a New Place

You’ve spent wisely and saved up your money for that long-awaited trip overseas or across the country. You don’t want to deal with the hassle of declined international transactions when dining or sightseeing.

Within debit card controls, click Travel Plans to notify SouthState of your vacation dates. Now you can enjoy your trip without worrying about your card being flagged for unusual activity.

Curb Spending

Swiping your card to pay for that must-have item certainly feels good in the moment. But what if you’ve been trying to save for car repairs or a down payment? Does that purchase derail your hard work?

Instead, set up spending limits on your debit card. You can restrict purchases based on location, merchant type, transaction type and dollar amount.

Teaching Responsibility and Budgeting

Your teenager has their first job or allowance from doing household chores. They can’t wait to spend their hard-earned dollars on new kicks and pumpkin spice lattes with friends after school.

After they’ve opened their checking account, encourage them to track their spending and begin to put aside money for their future education or car maintenance. If they’re receiving an allowance, you may decide together to enforce the monthly budget by enabling card controls and spending limits.

Compromised Credentials

As hackers continue to use new methods to steal credentials, it’s a good idea to regularly update passwords and PINs.

Anytime you want to change a debit card PIN, you can easily do so under Manage Card.

Continue managing your debit card through the SouthState Mobile App or Online Banking. Find more FAQs here.

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