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Transform the online ordering experience for your customers with talech™.

In this video tutorial, we will walk through an online order and show you how it’s processed in talech. Utilizing this service strengthens the customer experience by improving order accuracy and speeding up the pick-up process. With Online Ordering, merchants also receive a branded website, integrated payment options, customer insights and reporting, and more. The talech app manages all online orders without the need for a separate processing unit. To get started, contact a SouthState Merchant Services representative today.
In this video, we'll demonstrate how to set up and configure your talech online ordering page. Start by logging into talech.com, then go to Settings at the top and click Business Info. At minimum, be sure your business name, address, and phone number are all up to date. The contact information is displayed to customers and your address is used to provide directions to your store.
You can also fill in your website and social media information. The links will be displayed neatly at the bottom of your online ordering page. Next, fill in your store hour availability. These are the hours you're online ordering will be available. Please note, you can disable online ordering within the app or at talech.com at any point. Regardless of the store hours entered.
Now hit the Save button at the top of the page. Click the website section on the left side. Once online ordering as enabled, your online ordering website link is displayed at the top. This is the link you should use when providing a URL to your customers from your website or social media pages. Fill out your contact email address and business hours if you haven't already done so.
Now select which categories you wish to include in your online menu. Any categories that are disabled within this section are disabled for online ordering. They will still be available in the register. This is useful, of some categories cannot be sold online. You can also block specific items that are not available for online ordering as well. This is configured at the product level under the product section.
To customize your page, you can upload your logo and choose a background image. Then choose the default item layout you want your customers to see when they go to your order page. Now hit the Save button at the top. Next, let's configure some additional settings under the online ordering tab.
You can enable or disable online ordering at any time from this page. This is helpful when you're closed during the hours you specified in your business information section. For example, closed on a holiday or during renovations. Choose if you want your orders to be approved automatically upon submission. Auto approve orders will automatically send order tickets to the printer.
Now, enter a range for your average food prep time. This is used to calculate an estimated time when the order will be ready for pickup. you can enable dynamic order throttling to extend prep time if your orders meet or exceed a certain amount of open orders. Next, configure which order type you'd like available for your customers. And this example will enable pickup and delivery.
Choose the payment option you'd like your customers to have. They can pay in store or pay online with proper payment configurations. You can set a minimum or maximum order amount if desired. If you or a staff member need to be notified via text or email when an online order is submitted, select the notify me by option and enter a phone number or email.
To notify our customers by email automatically when their order is ready, turn on the Send notifications when order is ready setting. All that's left is to enable and fill out the customer notification templates for when an order is accepted, rejected, or delayed. Click the Preview button to view what the customer sees during these notifications.
For your convenience, you can also embed a link to your online ordering micro-site on your website. Simply copy the code snippet at the bottom of the screen and paste it into the source code of the page you'd like it to appear on. Now, hit the Save button at the top of the page.
This is how simple it is to get set up for online ordering with talech. If you have any additional questions, please check out our help article linked in the description. For help configuring your account to accept online payments, please contact talech support by email at [email protected] or toll free at 1-888-995-1998.

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